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Image by Samuel Pereira
Image by Elissa Garcia
Have The Choosey Vegan come speak at your next event.

Chef I'Lon will share her journey on becoming a vegan and vegan chef. She will engage your group on what being plant-based and vegan means. She will provide quality information that will provoke thoughts and misconceptions  about what it means to be plant-based and/or Vegan. Chef I'Lon will help your attendees define Vegan, explore what it means to be vegan, and identify the health benefits to being vegan. By the end of the segment each attendee should have a better working definition of veganism .


Flat Rate: Starting $700

Chef I’Lon spoke to our class about her vegan journey. After listening to her speak I decide to try becoming vegan. I’ll let you know how it went.

M. Lake

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