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I am Chef I'Lon, The Choosey Vegan. I am here to provide a extra special dining experience for you. Before I do that, let me provide you with a little background information on me.


The Choosey Vegan

Chef Shellon Allison, known Professionally as "Chef I'Lon" has a passion for turning veggies into exquisite delicacies. She is known for elevating and transforming the profile of everyday veggies into the flavors of fine dinning cuisines. 

As a young girl growing up in the country Guyana located in South America, Chef I'Lon was raise by her grandmother. Her grandmother, the matriarch of the family was the head chef at the world famous Coal Pot Restaurant in Guyana. Being a great chef of Afro-Caribbean Cuisine, her grandmother also went on to learned the art of Chinese Cuisine. Her children and grandchildren would also go on to learn to prepare the foods that was a part of her soul. Chef I'Lon being one of those grandchildren, would follow her grandmother foot steps in culinary arts. Growing up I'Lon would spend a lot of time absorbing the aromas of her grandmother's kitchen, taking in the words and instructions of the art of quality food preparation. She saw the importance of good food. Food was a necessary vehicle for healing the body, mind, and soul. Through the ingestion of quality food, the body received what it needed to grow and heal. It was at a tender age that chef I'Lon became fascinated with food, and healing. I’Lon went on to become a nurse, herbalist, and chef. 


After years of helping to heal the sick patients as a nurse, I’Lon felt a calling to not just care for the sick but to help prevent people from becoming sick. She embarks on her heart felt journey to prevent others from getting ill. Her journey took her to studying the healing power of herbs and becoming an herbalist. It eventually led her to become a vegan. After becoming a vegan, chef I'Lon noticed the lack of tasty varieties. she also noted that many vegans would revert back to previous eating habits due to them missing the flavors they were used to. It was then that she had the idea to transform veggies into delicious and nutritious meals. Meals that will have the memorable flavors people were used to, without over processing the vegetables or mixing them with vegan substances that are harmful to the body.  Chef I'Lon started creating delicious vegan dishes for her friends, family, and co-workers. Those private dishes would lead to catering orders, which led to the birth of the "Choosey Vegan". 

Choosey Vegan was created to give vegans the choice of foods without compromising flavor and nutritional content. The term vegan comprise of a variety of plant-base eating habits. Items such as honey, agave, processed vegan meats and method of preparation can sometimes be debated as whether it is vegan or not. A lot of the issues debated is base on ones own believes or reason for becoming a vegan. Whatever your reason for becoming a vegan, Choosey Vegan belief that you have the right to your choice and we offer you choices. From cooked to raw, we offer everything in between. Her catalog continues to grow daily. Our styles of dishes and recipes  consist of  African, Caribbean, South American, Asian, American, and everything in between. Chef I ‘Lon prepares traditionally vegan dishes and takes traditional recipes that typically contained animal products, and turn them into vegan delicacies. Retaining all the flavors the of those traditional dishes without the meat. All prepared with love. From her mind through her heart and hands, to your body and soul.


Welcome to Choosey Vegan and thank you for choosing us. We look forward to working with you.

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